About Us

We are Start-it, a subsidiary of BitRush corporation, a company creating developing the secure cryptographic payment system ANOON. In short, we discard the grown-up stuff from BitRush and skim off just the fun parts – gaming!

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve cryptographic standards of transactions in existing and new online games and online betting. Currently, the vast majority of online games employ a centralized clearing system serving a single database keeping track of the users’ balances. The clearing system is often cumbersome (wire transfer, public blockchain) and the database is often vulnerable (serves a single account). We aim to bring the clearing efficiency of a blockchain type system together with a bank account type gaming wallet in order to make gaming easier and safer…

….we make it easy and safe for you to pay, play, and win!


What we do

We design and develop games

We design and develop games

based on ANOON, our patented cryptographic payment system. Players get their winnings instantly. They can also use the winnings easily in their day-to-day life using the ANOON payment card, as well as use their accounts for real time withdrawals and deposits and currency trading.
Try our games!

Try our games!

We have games of all types, ranging from simple games revolving around flipping coins to more complicated ones, where players can team up to chip in pots or argue about their opinions. We like to include a PvP element in our games such as chat rooms and social gaming. Read More
We provide the ANOON payment system

We provide the ANOON payment system

to existing game developers. We analyze your games and come up with an optimal solution for you. Our payment system is especially suitable for game developers willing to introduce cryptographic currencies as a payment method. So if you’re interested in integrating ANOON in your service, pop us an email!
1.5 Number of directors
75000 Games played every 24H
97 Nationalities playing
33 Average user age

The team

SVEN Director Sven is the heavyweight fighter. He would be the tank in a LoL game. Always pushes the team through. Also tends to be the skeptic when we get crazy ideas.
CHRIS Director’s minion Chris is the young gun. He is the team mathematician. And a bit of a philosopher too. Sometimes it’s hard to understand him. But he’s the necessary bridge between business and marketing, and our crazy tech guys.
ADDRESS 132-134 Great Ancoats Street, Suite 33854 Advantage Business Center, Manchester, M4 6DE, England
EMAIL ADDRESS Customer Support : info@start-it.co